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Bill & Brendas RV-8 QB
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Date:  2-9-2013
Number of Hours:  0.75
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  D-sub pins to the elevator trim tab servo-1

1. Removed the elevator trim tab servo and then strip ends of the five 26awg wires enough to fold the bare conductor over and fit into the d-sub pins all the way with the outer sheaths not inside the pin. Crimped with the d-sub crimper from stein air. Works great!
2. Cut off an 18 inch length of 5 conductor wire, removed outer sheath about 1.5 inch and then strip each conductor as before. Doubled the bare conductors over and crimped on the female d-sub pins. All were pull tested as good.

I need to determin wire routing from servo aft deck, attach a molex connector at that point and install next time.
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