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Date:  9-28-2010
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  9.7.1
Brief Description:  Fuel lines in cabin

Cleaned up Friday's work. Removed poly tubing from brake line conduit. Conduit appears to be clear for the insallation of the brake lines.

Ran one length of 1/2 inch fuel line from pilot side tank, through gear bulkhead to bottom of sump. Started the same thing on the copilot side but did not finish it. Discovered that the line from sump to engine should be 1/2 inch line rather than the 3/8 I'd planned for. Removed sump to retap hard point to 1/2 inch. BIG MISTAKE. Should have tapped it to 3/8 inch for a 1/2 inch line. Have to get a 1/2-3/8 reducer.
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