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Date:  12-8-2014
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Pitot-static and transponder inspections

So getting one step closer to having gthe FAA come out for the airworthiness inspection. Today Capital Aviation right here at KHEF came out the hangar and performed all of the Pitot-static system and transponder operation tests as required by FAR part 91. Everything passed with flying colors and the systems are now certified for IFR operations up to 20,000 feet for the next 24 months. The combination of SafeAir tubing/push-on connectors & static ports, the Gretz pitot tube, and the Garmin G3X plus Garmin GTX 23ES remote transdponder was all rocksteady iand deasd-on accurate in both altitude and airspeed over the entire range of tests. I was quite pleased with the results and have pleaced certification stickers the tech gave me on the ADAHRS and transponder and made the requisite logbook entries.
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