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Date:  1-8-2015
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Preparation, also other Chapters

Starting to really scratch for things to do, but my next material order has been shipped and should be available to pick up this week!

Over the last three weeks have just been cleaning up and pottering with stuff from chapters way into the future, and gathering other local materials for jigs and stuff, and the rod for aileron counterweights. I will need another small order fairly soon to mount the Canard, (ASS out of -4 nutplates). I guess I should work up an order for the Centersection Spar and the Wings, plus the bits and bobs I am missing.

We also had Christmas, a couple of serious grass fires, and my Mum wasn't well.

Specific tasks?

Finished (for now) playing with Nose Wheel Cover.

Marked up & cut all 1/8" & 1/4" for Spar and Wings.

Marked up and cut 7/16" steel rod for A-13 aileron counterweights.

Remounted MLG strut on its screws for the fourth time. The combination that seems to actually work is 5-min epoxy, and when it falls off that refit with superglue... Resanded due to delay since initial sanding and shiny marks. Marked up 35 degree guidelines on MLG strut for torsional layups. Marked edges of brakeline conduit

And today! Unpacked latest ASS order.

Cut remainder required UNI for torsional layups. There is some mystery here. It looks like each layer will need a bit less than two pieces, yet the plans say each layer will take AT LEAST two. Yet the plans have you cut 13 pieces, not AT LEAST 16. I'll cut 13 for now, but will probably only need 12. [Timewarp 14JAN15: I cut another 3, and used a total of 15, may have used less if my conduit wasn't thicker and my cover longer than plans]

The geometry of the cutting is a bit bewildering, use a protractor and straight edge and cut a 12" strip, unroll a abit more UNI and repeat and the two edges are not parallel. Each time to have to fart around getting the FIRST angle back to 30 degrees before marking the next, it just goes to pot when you unroll a bit. First time I've felt the need for a cutting table, but I still don't have the
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