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Date:  5-13-2015
Number of Hours:  0.10
Manual Reference:  Step 5
Brief Description:  Preparing for Canard lower skin layup

Too cold here to do anything before Sunday, wish I had bought Drew's butane heater.

Spent some time discussing the TE peel ply concept on the email list. Dave B came to the party with a reference to CP32 I had missed. Most of these numbers don't appear in the Cozy plans, but are reflected in the CP, unfortunately referring to the GU canard. Dave has the Roncz Canard plans, which stipulate 0.5" overlap, I'll go with that. Here is the rest of the list if you are interested.

Ignoring the proper procedure here could result in serious consequences, even structural failures! Here is a list of these areas. The minimum dimension [second number shown] should be considered an absolute minimum. If you don't meet this criterion it requires repair before you fly.

Canard 0.45" 0.3"
Elevators 0.25" 0.2"
Wings 0.6" 0.5"
Aileron cut outs 1.0" (top) 0.75" (top)
0.75" (bottom) 0.52" (bottom)
Ailerons 0.5" 0.3"
Wing Root Rib 0.6" 0.4"
Winglets 0.6" 0.4"

Note that there is a dimension shown in the Cozy plans for the elevator overlap, 0.38". This overides the CP, IMHO.

TE peel ply re-applied to provide a solid 0.5" overlap with the top skin, looks like this coincides with the natural meeting of the templates. :)

Give me warm weather and I'll give you a bottom skin.
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