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Date:  4-2-2008
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  6W8B 1-2
Brief Description:  Drill holes for gas line, position nose skin

1. Planned the route for the gasline as follows:

- Line leaves the outlet of the gascolator and goes through a hole in NR#2.
- Line is bent 90° toward the spar.
- Line is bent 90° to follow an inboard path 40-mm from the spar.
- Line goes through a hole 115-mm above the NR#2 flange.
- Line connects to a bulkhead ell to enter the cockpit.

2. I plotted up the position info given in 6W6-5 to determine the 115-mm hole location.

3. Determined that a 7/16" x 11/16" grommet would work well to protect the aluminum tubing.

4. Used a step drill to drill the 11/16" holes into ribs 2 & 1.

5. Removed the right nose skin from the ceiling storage location and taped it to the wing. See Fig. 1.
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Nose skin taped in place

Nose skin taped in place

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