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Date:  3-13-2008
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  6W8A 8
Brief Description:  Drill out rib 9; drill replacement0

1. Per my discussion with Roger, ZAC, I drilled out the rivets in rib 9 and removed the rib from the wing skeleton

2. Marked flange centerlines on rib 9 left.

3. Clamped rib 9 L between the main spar and the rear spar

4. Drilled & clecoed 3/32, 1/8, and #20, first the main spar and then the rear spar to rib 9 L

5. Removed rib 9-L from the skeleton, deburred the holes in the end flanges, scoured with ScotchBrite, cleaned with MEK, and primed with 703 primer.

6. After considering the installation of the tiedown to the outside of rib 9 rather than the inside, I concluded that:

- Having the tie down on the outboard instead of the inboard side of rib 9 will be significantly weaker w.r.t. withstanding side loads because there will only be the surface area of 4 rivets resisting a direct pull in tension.
- An obvious way to strengthen the assembly would be to cut a doubler of .025 and to rivet it to the backside of rib 9, so that the 4 rivets will be pulling against a doubled thickness of .025.
- Perhaps I should put more rivets into the ring.
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