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Date:  3-12-2008
Number of Hours:  0.50
Manual Reference:  6W8A 9
Brief Description:  Bottom rear skin problem

1. Set the bottom skin onto the upside down skeleton.

2. Immediately noticed that the cutout for the tiedown ring is on the outboard side of rear rib 9, instead of inboard where it should be. Must call ZAC tomorrow.

Addendum, 3/13/08:

Called ZAC and talked to Roger. We discussed several alternative solutions. The best solution appears to be to drill out rib 9 and replace it with left rib 9, web side outboard, instead of inboard. Since I already have left rib 9 available, I will go ahead and do that. Then, if I'm happy with the result, ZAC will send out a new right rib 9 to be installed on the left wing when I get that far. Roger wanted to make sure the result was satisfactory before shipping out the replacement part. Alternative solutions were to ship out 2 whole new bottom skins, to put on a patch, or to just cut a new slot and leave the precut slot empty.
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Tiedown cutout on outboard side

Tiedown cutout on outboard side

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