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Date:  2-22-2008
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  6W7B 1-5
Brief Description:  Drill & cleco right rear spar doubler

1. Layout rivet pattern on both rear spar doublers, 6W7-2.

2. Use spar doubler to lay out rivet pattern for rear ribs 4-7 on right rear spar.

3. Drill 1/8" rivet pattern in both rear spar doublers.

4. Clamp spar doubler to spar and drill and cleco 1/8" hole pattern. See Fig. 1.

5. The hinge doublers 6W7-3 were bent to about 65° instead of the specified 72°, causing them to not fit well into the bottom of the spar. Caleb of ZAC recommended opening the angle. Actually, ~75° fit best.

6. Clamp the hinge doublers to the spar.

7. Turn the spar over and back drill and cleco 1/8" the hinge doubler through the bottom holes.
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Spar doubler clamped to spar

Spar doubler clamped to spar

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