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Date:  1-7-2008
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  6W2 1-7
Brief Description:  Drill & cleco left aileron

8. I called ZAC and talked to Caleb Re:

- What was the best order to drill the ribs? Ans: 1st, forward side; 2nd, bottom, drilling from the front to the trailing edge; 3rd, the top, drilling from the trailing edge to the front. I had drilled the bottom from trailing edge to front, but I don't think it makes a significant difference.

- Is there a PAM for the aileron trim tab option? Ans: No

- What is the best way to put in the trim tab? Ans: Rivet the aileron together, then make the cut out for the trim tab and cut the access hole. He suggested several ways to cut the access hole. I'll have to see what tools I have to do the job. If I can get a ~1/2" bit, I'll use that to cut the corners and use an Olfa cutter between the holes. I might use a wing cutter to cut a hole to allow me to insert a backup for the Olfa cutter. Another builder suggested using a grinding disk in a Dremel tool to make the interior cuts.

- Was there a good way to hold the tip rib in place when drilling it? Ans: Remove the clecos from the top skin-the interior ribs, lift the top skin, adjust the position of the tip rib and then clamp it to the 20-mm flange. Then drill while holding the bottom of the tip rib in place with your fingers. Cleco and drill the next hole.

9. Completed drilling #40 and clecoing the top skin to the ribs, per Calebs instructions.

10. Removed the clecos from the top skin,
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