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Steve & Nancy Riffe
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Date:  3-6-2017
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Registration forms, roll servo, L.. wing root gap

I received Form 8050-2 (bill of sale) from Van’s over the weekend. I completed it and also filled out Form 8050-1 (certificate of registration), as well as form 8050-88 (affidavit of ownership for experimental aircraft). This form has to be notarized. I already had a number reserved (N23SR), so found a notary, then dropped all forms and a $5 check in the mail to the FAA. After this I went to the hangar (forgot my camera), and proceeded to analyze the roll servo issue. First I disconnected the plug at the servo and switched on the Dynon—ok, everything works (no roll servo, but didn’t expect to see it). Connected the plug and switched back on—error. So, after several hours, I found that someone (my bad) had put two pins in the wrong hole of the d-sub on the fuse side. I spent the next hour removing the pins—they would certainly never fall out in turbulence! Next, I removed the left wing root fairing and got a better fit on the bottom aft end by gently shaping the inboard side to better hug the fuselage. Putting it back together was almost as much fun as the first time—ugg. I need to do the same for the right side. I also removed the tape from the windscreen as well as the protective plastic sheet from the cockpit side of the canopy. I have a couple of small tape glue areas on the windscreen that needs to be removed. Tomorrow I’ll reinstall the pins for the Dynon wiring harness--I feel certain the missing roll servo will be found. Then I intend to work on the loose fitting right wing tip.
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