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Russ Karnap
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Date:  7-14-2019
Number of Hours:  5.75
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Left Aileron - Misc

Riveted Outboard Aileron Bracket to Spar.
Riveted Flap Brace and Aileron Gap Fairing to Spar and Top Skin. UNFORTUNATELY, the last rivet can't go in because how close it is to the SB for the AGF internal angles. Also, those angles will prevent two rivets from being installed on the Bottom Skin. I emailed Vans asking for ideas. Maybe pull rivets?

Countersunk all the holes that will attach the Flap Brace to the Bottom Skin and Hinge.

Gathered all the parts for the Bellcranks. Put all the rivets from the Fuselage kit, into the parts bins (except the 3.5's since there are so many!). Had to borrow 3 or 4 LP4-3 for the Left Flap.

Drilled out and reinstalled the one bad pull rivet on the Left Flap Spar. Installed the 3 missing rivets on the same part.

My 470 rivets got better. Almost no smiley's next to them (bucked nor squeezed)! Removed all the tape from them so I could see the head better. But kept the cup sticky with the masking tape.
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