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Date:  7-24-2007
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  sht 602
Brief Description:  Elevator RAC Servo mounting

Most of this time was spent deciding how to work around the new servo design . Per the plans the old servo was mounted differently due to its design , According to the manual it is obsolete and the replacement is a RC allen T10 . The problem is that - while the T-10 can be installed so that the pushrod travels parallel to the trim tab horn - there would be absolutely no way to service the unit thru the inspection hole - IE. remove or repalce . The mount on the servo would be nearly against the rib and there would be no way to reach these fasteners.

Solution 1 = move servo to bay center & move horn on trim tab to accomodate -
Solution 2= move servo to bay center & reduce trim tab lenght by 1.5 inches
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