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BushCaddy ELSA
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Date:  9-9-2009
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  Matco Manual
Brief Description:  Checked wheels bearings

I checked the wheel bearings and adjusted rudder cables to get full right rudder. I found out the right rudder pedal was hitting the cross member on the fire wall and not allowing me full right rudder. After landing the other day I had some noise coming from the right wheel and was not sure if it was the bearings or just the pad rubbing so I took both wheels off and checked the bearings and all is fine. Jim from Jabiru Pacific is send a new carburetor fuel jet for me to try to lower the EGT and is checking on the prop. I have a 2780 run up on ground but did not see above 2770 on climb out. I will be doing some more test as soon as the weather allows to see what I get in cruse as I stayed in the pattern on the first flight. I inspected the plane for any issues after the first flight and all checks out good to go. I will post more when I have more to tell.
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