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BushCaddy ELSA
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Date:  9-2-2009
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  Flight test
Brief Description:  Bushcaddy Flight test Manual

Today I took the plane off the ground I had the video camera going but found out the battery died before I took off. I took off on 34 at the Arlington airport and stayed in the pattern at first to check out temps then departed the airport to the west over open land and set cruse at 5000'. The prop is going to have to be changed as the max rpm at cruse is 2970. The engine never came up to max rpm of 3300. On the first approach for 34 I was to high and had to go around. The second approach was slightly high so I landed and had no trouble keeping the plane straight and down the run way. This is a great little taildrager. I can not say what the plane stalled at as I was working with the prop and the engine temps to much to go there yet and my GRT stops displaying after 40 mph. I will do more as soon as I can with the weather. I need to do some tests at cruise to figure out the prop but first I need to extend the cooling baffles over number 3 cylinder as it wanted to get high all the other cylinders stayed lower. The EGT climbed high and I had to manage that too. Speed of the plane was maxed out at 87 mph so I definitely need to work on the prop issue. I have a break making some noise I have to check out. So my list is growing for this weekend. More to come, I did get to pattern altitude by the end of the runway. But like I said more to come I was just to happy to be flying and was counting on the camera to record the flight. Oh well it is a great day and yes it flys.
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