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BushCaddy ELSA
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Date:  9-1-2009
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  Bushcaddy Flight
Brief Description:  Bushcaddy Flight test

I completed two fast taxis today and the first one I had a 7knt cross wind and the right wing started to lift and as I corrected with aileron input the left side came off the ground and I flew down the runway to the end and landed. The plane handled great and was easy to maintain straight down the runway. As a taildragger it tracked true and was very easy to control. The second fast taxi I kept it on the main gear and lifted the tail all the way down the runway and was very easy to handle. Wednesday I plan to try again as today the clouds were coming down and had rain on each end of the run way so to play it safe I called it a night. As a sport Pilot you are limited to VFR and a ceiling of 3000 feet and 3 mile visibility with no SVFR. I had a ceiling of 2500 feet and 10 mile visual.
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