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Date:  1-30-2017
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  new catagory intro

I have decided there are enough items that I have learned that were not obvious from the start, or have taken a lot of digging, that a catagory to capture the learnings is worthwhile.

This will be anything from the "gotcha" category to the...... well I'm not sure at this point.
I will log 1 hour for each of these as 1 hour is the minimum amount of work to fix or otherwise learn the information.

Here are a few examples;

If you want a tunnel access for the fuel filter. Add it while the left or right tunnel side is on the bench. Way easier. And if you plan on adding a lower center stack like I have, it will have to be removable (like mine) or you WILL need the tunnel access panel for inspection and maintaince. As part of this comment, throttle quadrant mounted to the tunnel cover can be done since all of the cables run above the cover. Screw the quadrant to the top such that it can be detached and lifted out of the way to remove the tunnel cover.

In the category of I might have missed it. There are three pre-punched hole sets on the top rear of the empennage. They look to be for nut plates, and indeed they are. These are the nutplates that are used to attach the fin/Stab fairing. I found no reference in the plans for them. Put K1000 nutplates in before you attach the skin.
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