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Date:  9-3-2019
Number of Hours:  30.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Continue configuring the G3X communication channel

Declaring victory over the G3X system was a bit premature. I had the CAN working, but the configuration of the RS-232, ARNIC, and Ethernet communication channels was not even close. Add to that, in the shop I was not able to pick up any GPS signals.
Many hours of study, several calls to Garmin and Stein. Around 40+ hours spent trying to figure this out. It turns out Garmin has most of the communications buried in the sample schematic notes in section 27 of the G3X installation manual. Even with that, I was still struggling. Garmin G3X help line has been great once I studied enough to have some kind of clue. Still.
It would be very helpful to have a basic overview of the communications channels so a person can know where to look.
My biggest concern was if I left a wire out of my schematic or mis-wired especially the GTN-650. I have been holding off on the top forward skin because it is so much easier to access the wiring with it off. I need the forward top skin on to finish the glare shield leather wrap and install the windshield.
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