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Date:  2-9-2016
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  ordered parts for electrical etc..

I finially sorted out what I plan to do on the overhead lighting, electrical and interior.

Interior fabric for overhead and canopy. The overhead gets a dark charcoal fabric covering. The balance of the canopy gets a light silver to keep the interior light. Ordered from here:
I also am going to try automotive vents rather than eye vents in the overhead fed by intakes rear of the canopy. 2007 Lincoln MKZ Dash Mounted Chrome & Satin HVAC Dash Vent Louver. I'll detail them when they arrive with photos etc. if they work, otherwise they will quietly go away as a bad idea.

I am going to make a home brew red LED beacon for the top of the fin. It will be recessed leaving no obstructions to cause drag. Total cost for parts $25. The flashing circut will be simple, as well as the current resistor limited. I have most of this worked out. Details to come.

Interior lighting will be three and four LED groups. The bits are from here:
I am using the 20 mm three LED bases with 8 degree optics. The white LEDs are 186 lumens each, red 109 lumens 1 amp max current and approx.3 V forward current. (15 lumens = 1 watt approx) I will machine a small tube case from one inch aluminum and flush mount at each seating position and forward on instrument panel. I have worked out the following configuration to drive the LEDs. Each group of 3 or 4 is switched with a SPDT switch. The power lead connects to a 10 ohm 10 watt resistor, then a 1K, 0.5 watt linier potentiometer for dimming if desired, then the 3-4 LEDs in series to ground. With 3 hours of on time the resistor was only warm to the touch, the potentiometer not even warm. Full bright is the worst case with dimmed function temp rise not noticable at all. Full bright is too bright to look straight at in the daylight! Best of all, NO radio interference (as with BuckPuck drivers) at all, none. If I want more light on one switch, I need only feed added groups in parellel at 1 amp per group.
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Lincon MKX duct covers

Lincon MKX duct covers

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