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Bill & Brendas RV-8 QB
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Date:  5-18-2012
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Flap motor wire pprotection mod

I decided to do instal a 1/4 inch vinyl tube to house the flap motor wires so that they wont get tangeled or snagged on anyting when the flaps are operated. Simply clamped the tube to the motor arm with a couple of clamps and then drilled a hole in floor angle to run the other end through. I continued the run thru the adjacent floor brace and then thru the bulkhead. I nstalled a couple of rubber grommets in drilled holes. They are tight enough to hold the tube securely I think. I might glue the forward most end to the bulkhead later. Checked operation of flap motor travel and tube length good.
I got this idea from Steve Riffe and others on this webb site.
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