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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  8-19-2013
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Brief Description:  Tips and tricks for building Pg.2.

8. Clean up as you go, as a clean workhop helps you think clearly when problem solving. And remember atthe end of the day, clean-up.

9. Ask questions, but make up your own mind: The resources like Vansairforce are unbelievable and everyone has an opinion, however, all opinions are useful, even if you disagree they will help you understand the problem.

10. A bit like item 8, however, after each individual job,put your tools away and clean up. If the work environment is decluttered your mind will only need to think about what it is doing and not where to find the tool you need for the job at hand. This equates to less mistakes.

I hope this helps and over time, these simple rules will help you progress quickly and efficiently.
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