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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  8-19-2013
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Brief Description:  Tips and tricks for building

I received an email from today from gentleman in Sydney letting me know that he liked the website and the content that it offered.

In reflection of his email, I think that it is important that we as builders provide not just the log of our build, but to add to the broader lessons learned and the pitfalls that can befall all builders.

I wish to dedicate a section specifically to the lessons learned throughout my build progress that will add value to the speed, efficiency and safety of the build and the final product.

I will constantly update this blog with secrets. So without further adue, below are my findings:

1. Work consistently: do something every day, even if it is only reading.

2. Have your build site readily accessible: if it is at home all the better, however if it is farther away than 15 minutes, building will be slow.

3. Do as much preparation as possible into batches. This will allow a sort of production line effect to the build process. Is very important if you wish to do your own painting or priming.

4. Buy good tools and buy them early: Good tools will always pay themselves back, and having access to the right tool at the right time will save a significant amount of time and frustration.

5. Have two, but no more than three streams of build working at once: If you have multiple streams of work in progress, and hit a wall you can quickly switch. Having more than three streams slows you down as you have to remember where you are up to before begining on the task at hand.

6. Failure to plan = planning to fail: Plan your streams of work out in advance, do your counts and make sure you have the tools you require. Read the instructions and prepare. Once prepared, work will run very smoothly.

7. Know your strengths and speed. Identify what you want to do yourself, or want done professionally. Examples: Paint preparation and painting, pre-made harnesses or wiring.
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