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Date:  9-17-2017
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  1st TC Report

Hosted a 'Builder's Visit' for my local SAAA (Sport Aircraft Association of Australia) Chapter 20. There was cake! Surveying the results the main impression was they liked the cake!!! Seriously folks, there was a demand for more information about the project, and they demanded a briefing on why I had chosen composite construction, and the Cozy, and how one goes about building something other than just a fairing out of our exotic materials. They kept asking so I kept talking.

Eventually the only people left were Len Dyson and his wife. Len is an excellent fellow who has built a Dragonfly and is building a scale P-51 with a honking V8 motor. Most impressive. His comments in the report:


Workshop: Good size for the project, [glad he didn't see my old shed], Excellent lighting, storage and equipment. Good temperature & humidity monitoring and ventilation.

Fuselage, Canard, Canard/Fuselage attachments, Elevators, Elevator/Canard attachment, Undercarriage and Undercarriage/Fuselage attachments for both main gear and retractable nosewheel. Wheels & brakes.

All work completed is of a hig standard of workmanship and accuracy.

Next visit needs to be when the centre main wing spar has been completed and outer wing spars before attachment of the D-nose."

I understand such inspections are not actually required for the certification process, but can appreciate I can get better feedback on my progress so will certainly comply.

Criticisms I have taken on board?

Len recommended I keep track of humidity during layups, and I now see there are limits for such. I have the equipment and will do so.

Len suggested I should cover unpainted parts, as sunlight will deteriorate them, even through my little laserlite roof panels. Covers planned.

Len strongly suggested I keep samples of epoxy mixes, at least for structural items, for future inspections and the eddification of some possible future purchaser. This was a puzzler, and I wasn't keen, but I have decided to save swipes of resin from each m
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