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Date:  6-28-2018
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  16-01/02/03
Brief Description:  Controls - Roll

Too cold for fibreglassing today, 5C in the shed, pissing down rain. So thought I'd try to get my head around the controls.

Found the bearing mounts CS-109/118 I had made previously and drilled out the mounting bolt holes to 1/4" for my IGUS spherical bearings. Rouse out all the bits and discover that I don't have any AN960-1016 for thrust washers around the forward bearings. I also need some universal joints. I only have one and it is assembled on the right Aileron torque tube, so I disassemble it and rat it. Also need some AN4-11A. This all means I can only trial assemble.

Dimpled firewall flange bearings and drilled through one. F*&k! I'll have to get another and be less adventurous with the drill. I thought I was being careful.

Cut CS-116 tube 5" long, to retain the position of the aft bearing with the seatback aft 1", CS-105 assembly from CG Products has been made 1" long for the same reason.

Trial assemble all parts and consider installation. Plans say to have all the pipes bolted together before mounting CS-109/118 and it occurs to me this is to align the plans plain bearings. I'm using spherical, so near enuf will be good enough. Decide to place CS-109/118 and work the pipes around them
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