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Date:  2-6-2018
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  16-05
Brief Description:  Control hardware of various sorts

Had read bad things about the plans Rudder Cable quick disconects, (called QDK from now on). They wear and don't need to be adjustable because of the Hidden Rudder Bellhorn mod I will be using. Followed an Al Wick idea and sourced some motorcycle chain off-cuts of various sizes. 420 chain gave outer plates I could easily ream out to 3/16" for subsequent installation of a clevis pin.

I discover eventually the best way to get the outer plates I need off is by putting the link I want to separate uppermost with the rest of the chain held in a vise. Holding the roller still with an old screwdriver I cut the roller most of the way through with an angle grinder, remove the screwdriver and cut the rest. The remainder of the pin is easy to press flush on the inside with the plate sitting on a nut in a vise, then driven out with a punch.

I then drilled and reamed the hole to 3/16" making 8, but maybe I need 10...

I tried bending up some spring holders from 3/32" music wire and found it difficult, [Timewarp 09FEB: The 3/32" music wire is for the Rudder return spring hooks you idiot, the 0.050" wire is for this job. Ah well, the eventual hooks proved useful]. Decide to take a break and see if there is any Yootoob guidance for bending wire, but it will mean watching some funny cat videos first.


Ah! those pussy cats... Found a design for a bending jig and made one from some bits of angle that was laying around. The shanks of two 1/4" HT bolts fit into holes with the centers 0.425" apart and it works a treat! 2 spring holders produced in no time.
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