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Home of the Spodplane
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Date:  11-27-2019
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  14-10
Brief Description:  Main Spar taping

Applied most of the tapes. wetting them out on peel ply and transferring. After applying "1st BID tape" from Fig.21 I don't see how I can do #2 or #3 without disturbing it, so do not proceed, and apply peel ply.

Also omitted the tapes under the Spar on the right side, and the right Main Landing Gear bulkhead because I was sticky, tired and sick of trying to work upside down looking at a resiny mirror to guage progress. I am still not fit from my leg injury, and worrying about bending my leg the wrong way is a big distraction.

I also omitted the tapes between the front face of the spar and the side of the fuselage, as I will do them in combination with a single BID ply inside the fuel tank portion of the spar and fuselage using AeroPoxy at some point.

The plans don't specifically mention the little ears on the Firewall that stick out past the fuselage sides, so I decide to tape them the same as Fig.21, with the "3rd BID tape" covering the full width.
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