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Date:  5-12-2020
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  New materials from an abandoned project

Picked up some materials from a plans holder who did not gain great confidence from the education section and can't budget the time for the project at the moment. I offered a reasonable price, and he counter-offered a smaller sum. Thanks! Right seat experience will be offered when I am in a position to offer it!

The materials included some MGS L285 resin, the same type I am using, and as it is older than mine MGS H287 (slow) hardener batch 7 0249 is now in service.

I got about 9M of BID and 14M of UND. Both are the Australian 50" wide version, and I reckon this will be very handy for the strakes, as it will do a whole strake skin without joins.

I cut the leading edge of the BID on the bias with two aims, to create a big box of 2" tapes so I don't run out EVERY time I tape something, and to get the edge of the BID ready to go on a strake skin. I compare an equal length of Colan and Hexion cloth, and find it looks identical and weighs the same, but it is quite different to handle. When you cut Hexion on the bias it just sits there, and only goes ragged at the edge if you handle it. The Colan starts to unravel pretty spectacularly, and I wonder what will be the result of using these tapes. I cut some Hexion tapes just in case, and have about 500g of each cut.

There was a small roll of proper peel ply, with the red lines on it and all, and it works a lot easier than the ASS recommended Dacron, it peels off much easier, doesn't leave threads, and its more open weave leaves a better looking surface when pulled. And with the red lines I wouldn't have left any inside the strake!

I also have 3kg of micro that will come in handy, and 1kg of milled fibreglass fibres which Ironbark Composites recommend as being less water absorbent than flocked cotton. Maybe so, but it weighs about 3 times as much. It may wet out lighter than the flocked cotton, but I'll try that sometime if I get desperate, or for a non-plane project.

I cut up glass (Hexion) and peel ply for the fuel gauge sight sites.
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