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Home of the Spodplane
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Date:  5-21-2015
Number of Hours:  0.80
Manual Reference:  Step 6
Brief Description:  Preparing for Canard upper spar cap

Taped a level to the F template and checked the levels. Aghast! at each support set at a core join the LE is about 5mm low. WTF!!! Cannot be a coincidence seeing they are all the same. Stop work and have a think. Time to hit the FAQ and ask some questions.

LE is even lower at the mid-span support on the PORT side. Running stringlines, having a squint and applying a straight edge reveals the LE is indeed drooped here. I checked all this when applying the LE cored so am a bit confused. Believe this must have happened during the cure, and I didn't check it before applying the skin, or somehow applying the skin did it.

Don't know, but it is possible to make it straight by shimming the LE of the jig block and pressing over the block on each side. Can probably fix this by pulling the surrounding blocks down to the table with screws, but it may just pull off the bondo. Slather on some more bondo on the affected blocks while I think about the other.

Not being happy with the adhesive strength of the builders bog I got from Bunnings Aerospace tried some auto filler from Autobarn. MUCH better, but a bit too sloppy, and I have yet to get it off.
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Checking fore/aft level. Is WRONG!

Checking fore/aft level. Is WRONG!

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