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Home of the Spodplane
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Date:  4-24-2015
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  Step 3
Brief Description:  Preparing to fit LE Canard cores

Finished cleaning up the TE of the Shear Web.

Spent a lot more time refining my understanding of what I fouled up yesterday and how to move forward. Make a mental note to remember this when doing the wings. :) Find a reference in the plans in the second paragraph of Step 3: "With the dowels in place, you shouldn’t have to shim under the spar cap trough to get the correct alignment of the cores, but it might be a good idea anyway, just to make sure the spar cap trough is the correct depth, top and bottom."

This seems like a lifeline, as the dowels haven't worked for me, but what is the correct alignment anyhow??? Spend more time trying to visualise from the canard templates what the correct alignment should be. Variables are the presence of the Shear Web, which isn't included in the cutting templates, and the E jig, which assumes the lower skin is on. My poor f*&king brane!

Start to fart around with spacers between the Shear Web and the K jigs below, coupled with more spacers between the Shear Web and the E jig, covered with 8 plies of masking tape, (to replicate the lower skin layups), above. Not adding up to anything useful. How thick are these spar caps supposed to be anyhow??? If you did the dowels properly you don't need to know!

Outermost dowels now seem to reflect reality, with a matchstick spacer to simulate the outer tip of the spar cap. Glimmer of hope here.

More mental turmoil at work, coping with the new sector, am also feeling a bit stressed for the upcoming Warbirds Over Illawarra Airshow, at which I'll be doing the Airboss communications with a small team. My usual leader is off to Gallipolli, my usual team mates not available, and I've drafted in some retired colleagues much better qualified and experienced than I am, but I'm in charge. Last year was a dismal failure due to 35 knots of crosswind, and the long term forecast doesn't look good for this one. And I may have buggered up a bit on the aeroplane. Stress, STRESS, BULK STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!
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Refitting the core cutting template, and pondering what that means, if anything

Refitting the core cutting template, and pondering what that means, if anything

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