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Date:  1-27-2019
Number of Hours:  2.60
Manual Reference:  20-07
Brief Description:  Rudder cove layup prep

Am concerned that the carefully formed pocket for the Bellhorn tip is blocked up with glue overflow. Can't see in there, my little mirror on a stick is too wide. To look from the outside would involve removing structure from layup #3. Hmmmmm. Let us wait to see if there is a problem rigging the Rudder cable.

Removed all hinges and spacers. Marked outline of 2 x BID hinge pads.

Hot glued on some bits of plastic:

Over some skin penetrations from prepping the cove,

Over a line to match up the Inner bottom cutline with the new shape of the Rudder,

Where the Hinge pin will extend above/below the hinge,

Over the 1" error on the middle hinge on the right Winglet

Shone a bright light from the inside, and marked the actual position of the Bellhorn tip against the outer Winglet skin.
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