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Date:  1-21-2019
Number of Hours:  0.10
Manual Reference:  20-07
Brief Description:  Rudder hinge install pondering

Spent quite some time pondering hinge issues, and decide the retained pin concept is the way to go. The only non-plans result is the 2" of trailing edge of the cove above the hinges, (below the top hinge), will be just the 2 x UND skin for a 3mm width. This will leave room for the hinge retainer, mounted with the lobe outward, on an extended 2 x BID hinge pad.

Also note that the plans say attach the hinge to the winglet with pop-rivets, but there are no pop-rivets called out in this section of the plans. 24 x MS20426AD3-3 rivets are called out, but not used anywhere I can find in this chapter... Plans say use 7+5+5 rivets on both sides, which would require 34... I will use rivets on both sides of both Winglets, so I will need 68.

Plans shedule is 2 x UND skin, plus 5 x BID over the hinge pads. 0.083" plus 0.051" = 0.0134". I have oodles of AD3-3 rivets, but I stuck one into a 0.125" test piece, and it is under spec because it is too short.

The Open-eze plans call out BSC-44 rivets for the same application, B = Al rivet, S = steel mandrel, C = countersunk head, 4 = 1/8", 4 = 1/4" grip.

Re-re-remeasure the hinge cutouts because they didn't look right, and discover a 1" error on one side. Gloom. Also discover I don't have enough hinge to do both Rudders. Gloom.
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An appropriate look when discovering a 1

An appropriate look when discovering a 1" error. Hmmmmmm.

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