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Date:  1-1-2019
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  20-04
Brief Description:  Winglet installation Layup #3 prep

Excess glue has made a horrible mess, but trimming "Block A" down to the outer Winglet and lower Wing profile with a hacksaw blade cleaned up most of it. Sanded most of the glue residue off the right Wing/Winglet. It shows up really well with a bit of sanding, and I got it all off before I lost my guide marks for the next layup, drawn on with a marker.

Can now visualise the path the aft edge of Layup #3 will have to take to avoid the IRBH pocket and play with a block of foam to define it. Decide the IRBH will need to be installed first. Change my mind later, but it didn't cause any real problems.

Only now realise that I will have to leave the hinge-jigs in position to orient the IRBH correctly, which complicates weighting them for cure. Play with some options for a while, then have the idea of securing them with rubber bands. Consider a glue block, but decide to whack in some 3/32" cleco in the taping area, with rubber bands over a bit of plastic over the IRBH.

Just in time remember an earlier decision to cut the inner rib along the Rudder cut line. Doing it now will minimise the chance of damaging the IRBH when doing it blind from the outside. Make the cut with the multitool.

Tape up the hinge jigs and install. Spread flox on rib and spacers and postion IRBH, leaving gap for hinge placement later, tip edge level with outer skin. Strip of plastic on top and secure with rubber bands to cleco. Resin was in the freezer since the 29th. Made my usual test patch in my rough log, something I had neglected to do before, perhaps because I hadn't used it for laminating before.

Finished shaping addition to "Block A". This will take Layup #3 up inside an eventual Wing/Winglet fillet of 1" radius, by incorporating a 15mm radius fillet, transitioning 5mm clear of the path of the IRBH. Might even work. Stuck on with urethane bond glue
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Foam shaped and IRBH installed

Foam shaped and IRBH installed

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Additions to

Additions to "Block A" installed

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