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Home of the Spodplane
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Date:  12-26-2018
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  20-04
Brief Description:  Upper Winglet/IRBH installation prep

Fiddle with above concepts for a few days, and celebrate Christmas. Yay! Not my favorite time of year already, and we lost the Mother-In-Law on Christmas Eve. Farewell Pamela Joan, you will be missed, and won't get to fly in the Cozy. In fact nobody will unless I figure these Bellhorns out...

Notice that the aft hot glue block on each wing has come adrift, presumably due to the flexing of the skin as the supporting foam is removed. Frick! Jig the Winglets in position with some foam blocks under the tips, and replace the glue blocks. I could at least see where they had been. Re-align hinge-jigs for the IRBH.

Check the placement of the IRBH and adjust the foam in the Rudder area a bit deeper until I'm happy. Got concerned that it would be too difficult to nest the BID inside the pocket accurately trimmed on both sides, so relieve the outboard glass down to the level of the rib. This means I can butt the glass up to the inner skin outboard, and let it hang over the outboard skin, retaining the inner skin for lower Winglet alignment reference.

Note that the flox corner in the vicinity of the Rudder cut will be lost to cove anyhow, so don't recut the flox corner here, but do the rest. Adjust the foam forward of the cut to form the IRBH pocket, and transition it smoothly forward. Hot glued a plastic spacer where the Rudder Hinge will go to exclude flox, and locate the IRBH clear of the subsequent hinge.

Made a 2.6mm spacer to represent Layup #1 and cut foam wedges to fill the holes. Having reviewed the investigation of a Long Ez Winglet failure investigation I prepared for a full flox corner in the wedges between Layup #1/2. Read about the result of this before you try it at home. I also spent a bit more time cleaning micro off the foam after reading :

Actually crimped a thimble to a short bit of Rudder cable, and hollowed out a suitable pocket in the wing trailing edge. Filled the pocket with taped foam.
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Lets get off a bit more micro. Foam wedges prepared.

Lets get off a bit more micro. Foam wedges prepared.

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