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Date:  12-20-2018
Number of Hours:  1.80
Manual Reference:  20-04
Brief Description:  Upper Winglet/IRBH installation prep

Taped a bit of wood onto the upper Winglet bottom and hot glued another on the Winglet root template, cut down to represent the rudder. Measure that the 5 to 5.5" travel at the 'lower' tip equals 4.4 to 4.85" at the junction of the Winglets, Then I note that the Cozy Plans have the Rudder travel limit at the lower tip as 4 to 4.5". Cross check the Open Ez Performance rudder plans and that 4 to 4.5" is there again. Lets go with the 5 to 5.5".

Did some more reading online, and the lovely, but late, John Slade and Wayne Hicks seem to be the authorities, and nobody has tried the way I want to do it. Hmmmm.

Wayne indicates the tip of the IRBH moves vertically 3/8" from inboard to outboard position, but my brain just quakes at trying to understand which way it is supposed to go. I can't visualise that big a change, so make another mockup.

I glued, (later cleco'd, after having to remove it once), a bit of hinge to the outside the Winglet, and hot glued a mixing stick to the rudder half of the hinge, with a corner at the desired location of the IRBH at the inboard, (deployed), position. I rotate this back to the outboard position, and this gives me where the tip should be when installed in the rudder. Because the hinge is on the outside of the skin instead of the inside is should be a little out fore/aft, but right vertically and laterally, and it only moves a few mm vertically.
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