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Date:  9-9-2018
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  19-12
Brief Description:  Wing attach to CS Spar

Bondo'd level boards on CS Spar.

Broke off hot glue blox, and moved CS Spar away from wing and placed aft face up.

Radiused all edges and jused CG Products tool to measure requried bushing depth. Transferred measured length minus 0.01" to bushings with digital calipers.

Rough cut all LWA9 bushings, (another excellent CG Products, erm, product), with hacksaw, and trimmed to length with sanding wheel.

Spent a bit longer removing swarf that had got between the aft hardpoints and the covering BID, rechecked the required bushing length.

Cleaned the bushings with acetone and installed with runny flox. Plans say epoxy, but that just seemed stupid.
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Installing bushings

Installing bushings

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