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Date:  4-20-2016
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  13-11
Brief Description:  Canard Brace

Removed location tabs and jigs from Brace, and trowelled in some more flox into the join from above. Micro'd foam dings and 1 x BID, overlapping 1" onto Nose and rear face of F-22.

Again no photos, but figgered out what I was doing wrong, and will have pics next time.

Trim this layup and I am done with CH13 more-or-less.

Remaining jobs? Extra nutplates for Nose Hatch, FWD nutplates and rear locating flange for Ballast Hatch. Pitot take-off from clear acrylic, (not keen on the current Al one in case bugs get into it). Fit pitot tubing.

What next????????
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