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Date:  4-20-2020
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Bleed Brakes

1230 - 1400

Today I began by troubleshooting the brake issue.

I talked to Matco and they said that the internal bypass was active in the last 1/16" of the fully extended stroke. This information led me to investigate the pedal range of motion versus the full extension of the master cylinder. Initially I thought that the aluminum brackets riveted to the side of the pedal assembly were interfering with the steel rudder weldment. This was NOT the case, as there was more than adequate clearance. Investigating further, I determined the issue. I had installed the Aerosport rudder extensions some time ago. They fit perfectly and I did not give it another thought. Unfortunately, the extensions were causing the problem.

Although the extensions fit between the pedal face and rudder weldment tube, they were preventing the full extension of the master cylinder by mechanically limiting the pedal range of motion. This occured on two of my pedals; the other two had adequate clearance...barely. This restriction was almost imperceptable but the master cylders were not extending into the bypass area.

I removed all of the extensions. I will either try and modify them or get a different product.

next, I removed the one leaking fitting from the copilot left brake lower master cylinder. It was apparent where the drip was from. After the fluid stopped draining, I cleaned and dried the threads in the master cylinder with surgical swabs. The fitting was cleaned in acetone.

I applied a thin coat of Permatex #3 on the fitting threads and carefully applied a thin layer on the internal threads. The parts were left to tack for a few minutes, then assembled and clocked. The brake line was then reattached to the fitting.

All drips were cleaned, as well as the master cylinder. Paper towels were place under the master cylinders to visually locate any additional drips.

I am going to let te permatex set for a couple of hours before bleeding the brakes again.
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