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Date:  4-20-2020
Number of Hours:  3.70
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Bleed Brakes

1500 - 1842

Today I bled the brakes.

Using a MightyVac brake bleeding pump, I connected the pump assembly to the reservoir vent using an appropriate fitting. I then connected the bleed screw on the caliper to a piece of tubing and submerged the tubing in a can of Royco 782 fluid.

I was fairly certain the master cylinders were fully extended as the pedals were fully aft. I applied a vacuum using the pump and watched as the fluid was drawn into the system. When the fluid was observed at the reservoir, the bleed screw was closed.

The can of fluid was moved to the opposite side and the process was repeated. Unfortunately, fluid was NOT drawn through the tube. I made sure all pedals were fully aft, extending the master cylinder. I attempet to use a syringe to pump fluid into the system but that was a bad idea. The tubing was forced off of the bleed screw and made a substantial mess.

After studying the Matco manual, the only thing I could conclude was that the bypass in the master cylinder was not operating. As this bypass is active when the cylinder is fully extended, the only logical conclusion was that the cylinders were not, in fact, fully extended.

As I was working on the right side brake, I decided to remove the lower master cylinder mount bolt from both right brake pedals.

Next I applied a vacuum and opened the bleed screw...fluid immediately was drawn into the system.

I then removed the lower master cylinder mount on the left brake pedals and repated the process on the left side. It appears that the system holds approximately a pint of fluid. I drew fluid from each side until the catch cup was full, closed the bleed screw, emptied the cup and repeated the process. This was accomplished twice on each side. The fluid remaining in the can did not change so I concluded that the system was full to capacity.

Tomorrow I will need to call Matco and ask about the cylinder operation range...
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