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Date:  3-6-2008
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  6W8A 4
Brief Description:  Continuation of template cut entry

5. Third, he cut the rear channel template which has vertical height of 300-mm, a top of 270-mm, a bottom of 203.5-mm, and an angle of 77.5°

- He measured the vertical height up 300-mm from the bottom edge
- He measured the bottom at 203.5-mm, and the 1.5" offset
- He measured the top at 270-mm, and the 1.5" offset
- He clamped the guide for the angled cut and made the cut with the Skil saw
- He marked 1.5" offsets from the top line, clamped the guide, and made the cut

With this simple method we made the 3 templates to essentially the exact dimensions and angles specified on 6-B-14.
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