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Randy's 750 Cruzer Project
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Date:  11-16-2019
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  C75-TX-1
Brief Description:  Trued up HS and cleco'd top skin

Had some help from Pam and Jennifer to fold the skin over the top of the stabilizer. I had to do this several times because the it was putting a twist into the stablizer. I was trying to make all the holes line up, but that was causing the twist. I changed my approach and only cleco'd the holes that lined up without forcing. Most of the holes lined up just fine. I drilled the holes that didn't line up and all is good.
Take away: Don't force holes to line up.
I also shortened the new hinge extensions so that I will be able to get the three hing pins out after the elevator is installed.
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