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Date:  5-10-2022
Number of Hours:  1.10
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Motor Mount for Smoke Pump

Been behind the curve on yard work so after work today it was three hours of yard work and lawn care.

I was able to sneak out some shop work. Though the smoke system isn't a priority I felt that with the top skin off and everything open on the firewall I better get these items done.....they will be much more difficult later.

Now that the tank hold down brackets are done I am working on the pump motor attachment base for the tank. I am not using the standard attachment the company provides in order to keep it all low profile. I am going to cut off a piece of Vans screw gage they give you and use that to attach the pump. The pump will attach with epoxy.

Last night I pulled the pump base off the motor to work it and marked the piece I would need from the gage as well as look at mounting locations. I pinged my friend Jim and got some tech support and opinions from him.....looks like it will mount on top of the tank!
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Pump Mount work

Pump Mount work

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