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Bob's RV-8 Build Site
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Date:  1-12-2020
Number of Hours:  2.30
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  More glass on skirts

Today Rob taught me another fiberglass trick. First Rob puts a piece of plastic on the part that is going to be glassed and traces the approximate area where he wants the glass to fit.

Next, he puts a sheet of thicker painters drop cloth plastic down. Then he lays a piece of fiberglass on the plastic. Then he lays the pieces he traced on top of the fiberglass. Next he wets the fiberglass with epoxy and then lays the pattern over the fiberglass. He uses a squeegee to get the area of the fiberglass under the pattern area wetted with epoxy.

After the pieces are epoxy coated he takes scissors and cuts out the plastic using the pattern. This gives you a piece of plastic on top and bottom of the fiberglass. The glass is easy to cut because it is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic and you don't get loose strands like when you cut it dry.

Next we put the larger piece #1 on the skirt and laid it down good. Then we placed the piece from pattern #2 on top of the first piece. It worked slick as all you have to do is peel the fiberglass from the plastic and lay it on. Thanks Rob....I surely learned something new!!
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Patterns on fiberglass cloth

Patterns on fiberglass cloth

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