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Steve & Nancy Riffe
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Date:  4-8-2017
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  2nd Engine Run

No pics of the event, but I made a second 3 minute engine run today. This time (with new battery) the engine fired up before 1 blade revolution—sweet, and it didn’t bellow smoke like the first start! I ran at 1200 rpm for 2 minutes and wrote down oil pressure (76), fuel pressure (30), volts (14.5). Then I ran at 1700 for about a minute—checked both mags (each dropped 100 rpm), then I cycled the prop 3 times. First time, it took about 20 seconds before pitch changed, and after that it cycled upon movement of the pitch control knob. The CHT’s ran up to 236, so I backed the RPM to idle. 3 minutes goes by really fast! Rather than use the mixture cutoff as in the first run, I shut off both mags and the engine quit. I wanted to be absolutely certain that I didn’t have live mags with the switches in the off position. I think the idle is still a bit fast and the amps showed a -3. I don’t understand +14.5 volts and negative amps—going to need some investigation on this issue. Also, I think the oil quick drain has a very slow seep—after shut down, it was wet on the bottom and I had several tiny black dots on the firewall on the same side as the drain. I did not find any other oil leaks and no fuel leaks. I had a ground crew of 2 to watch for issues, but just like the first run, there was nothing of concern. After pushing the plane back into the hangar, I spent some time going over everything from firewall forward—everything appears to be just as it was before the start.
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