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Steve & Nancy Riffe
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Date:  2-14-2017
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Install HID landing light bulbs

No pics today—it was pouring rain and the T-hangar I’m in has a several wet spots, so I didn’t stay long. I received a couple of brite white 55w. HID bulbs today. I installed them with the filament in a vertical orientation—somewhere I read they last longer that way—maybe. I connected and secured the wiring to the bulbs. I also removed the F-871 fwd baggage side panel to install cotter pins on the bolts connecting the rudder cables to the firewall—or so I thought. When I looked at this yesterday it was from inside the cockpit area looking forward past the rudder pedals etc. and I was pretty sure they were missing. Well, turns out when I originally installed the bolts and nuts, I did in fact cotter pin them. So, wasted half hour removing the 18 screws that secure that panel—at least I verified they were correctly installed.
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