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Steve & Nancy Riffe
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Date:  2-16-2016
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  More fitting upper cowl-vertical hinge issue

No pics today—had some issues. Started off by squeezing in two rivets in lower end of vertical hinges. I had to use a CherryMax rivet in the very bottom hole—no way to squeeze or buck without removing the motor mount. I attached the cowl side of the vertical hinges—hmm, something doesn’t look correct. So, I installed the bottom cowling—some of the holes don’t line up and the cowl no longer fits flush in the curve at the bottom. Dang it—I got the skin side hinges reversed when riveting them. I don’t want to drill out the rivets including the CherryMax and reversing the cowl side would involve filling the holes and re-drilling the cowl. I don’t have enough hinge to make new pieces, so I fired off an order to Van’s. I needed some AN426AD3-4.5 rivets anyhow. So, I spent some time removing the top cowl, sanding just a bit, re-installing and checking my paint gap. It’s getting pretty close—maybe one more time on and off. While off the last time, I drilled holes for “resin” rivets in the cowl upper hinges and backing plate. I hope to get the upper hinge riveted while waiting for parts.
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