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Scott's Aircraft Build Logs
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Date:  12-8-2006
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Finished sound enclosure

It has been several weeks since I got a chance to get any work done. Between flying missions for the Guard and Thanksgiving, this was the first chance I had to get anything done. I had to finish the sound enclosure around the compressor to reduce the noise. The compressor has a regulator that I wanted to access and, of course, I needed access to the bottom to open the drain value.

Because I was working with scrape lumber I had laying around, I did not have one piece that was large enough to make a hinged door. I decided to make a smaller door for easy access to the regulator and the oil site glass. To get access to the drain value I made a small opening with a sliding cover. Its large enough that I can get my hand in under the compressor to open and close the value.

After installing the hinges for the door I went to OSH and purchased a new filter and some brass fittings to plumb the air line. I drilled a 5/8" hole in the side of the enclosure and ran a brass line through to connect to the compressor. I connected a brass 90 degree elbow to it on the outside and then plumbed the filter and a connector for the air hose with a support bracket. I am not sure where the support bracket came from, but it was with alot of other "stuff" I have accumulated.

After it was all connected I fired up the compressor to run a pressure and heat check. Everything seemed to work just fine. Although the heat check was rather un-scientific. I held my hand over the exhaust port of the fan I installed. Just a minute or two before the compressor shut off the air became warm. Not hot, just warm and when the compressor shut off, it cooled down to cool air within a minute. But to be sure I am going to install a thermostat to check the temperature. Its December so the real test won't happen until next summer.
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