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Scott's Aircraft Build Logs
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Date:  11-18-2006
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Created sound barrier

The compressor I purchased is incredibly loud in the hanger. It really reverberates in that metal building. I decided to build a container to enclose the compressor to reduce the sound level.

I started by building a simple 24" x 24" structure and attached 2' x 4 ' x 5/16" sheeting to create the basic box. On the inside I glued 24" x 48" x 1/4" sheets of styrofoam. They needed to be trimmed to fit, but it adds another layer for sound attenuation. The front has a simple door for access to the compressor controls and the small opening at the bottom to access the tank drain plug. I am using scrape materials so the door is two pieces instead of one.

To ensure cool air is flowing through the box I installed a bathroom exhuast fan. I am going to install a thermostat so I can monitor the temperatures. I ran the compressor to check how warm it was inside with the fan running. It seemed normal and the compressor motor was not any warmer than before. But, it is November and when summer gets here it will be a different story.

I still need to plumb the air line and I plan on attaching my filter to the side of the box. I forgot my camera so I wiill take pictures next time.
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