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Schroeders Sportsman
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Date:  11-24-2009
Number of Hours:  4.60
Manual Reference:  p69
Brief Description:  Bulkhead C,D &E

I got a great fiberglass layup table from some wood Dad used to finish his shop. It was particleboard with a counter top laminate over it. A little mold release wax and it works like a dream. I first laid up bulkhead E and sealed the foam from Bulkhead B. I mixed another batch and did the forward side of D and then E layups (2 layers + peel ply) I cleaned up and prepped for the other side. I hit the table with acetone and cleaned the aft sides of D & E. I mixed up some more epoxy and did 2 layups on the aft side and covered it in peel ply.
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