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Date:  10-3-2018
Number of Hours:  7.40
Manual Reference:  Emp 6-12 - 6-13
Brief Description:  Riveting the Elevators

I began the day by clecoing the trim tab back together after disassembly for priming. I then riveted the bottom of E-619-1-020 to the bottom flange of E-607PP. I also riveted on E-717 and E-718. This was a little tricky as I also had to rivet on the riblets. Most of this I accomplished using the squeezer but there was one rivet I had to drive since it was so close to one of the riblets. I attached the riblets using MK-319-BS rivets. I also attached the riblet to the elevator skin using MK-319-BS rivets.

I then clamped the E-721 to the upper flange of E-606PP and the aft edge of E-701-L. I used a long straight edge to align the trailing edges of the trim tab and the elevator. I then match drilled and clecoed the forward portion of E-721 to #40 using the holes in E-701-L as a guide.

I trimmed marked and trimmed the E-721 inboard edge to match the E-701-L skin. I reinstalled the trim tab and made sure there was no twist present and that the trailing edge matched the E-701-L.

I removed the trim tab, pulled the piano wire out of the hinge, and set all the rivets on the top side of the trim tab. This was a little difficult to do since the hinge interefered with the squeezer dies at times but I managed to get angles that worked for all the rivets. Finally, I set the rest of the blind rivets that hold the riblets on.

I then moved on to the elevator side of the E-721 and attached that to the elevator using the squeezer and AN426AD3-4 rivets. I then attached the trim tab to the elevator by putting the piano wire back through the two hinge halves.

At this point I moved on to installing the elevator electric trim servo. I had to trim the threaded rod to fit. I attached the servo to the cover plate and then attached the clevis pins. I did not make a final bend on the cotter pins. This will come later.

Finally, I made a tool to roll the leading edges of the elevators. I used a metal curtain rod and cut it to fit the longest section of elevator leading edge. I used JB Weld to attach two 7/8 s
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