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Date:  7-22-2018
Number of Hours:  1.30
Manual Reference:  Emp 6-9 to 6-10
Brief Description:  Preparing the Right and Left Elevator

I continued working on the right and left elevators today. I machine countersunk the E-714s for the dimples in the E-713s. I also dimpled the E-713s for the screw heads that will attach E-714. I dimpled the E-705 and E-709 ribs and the E-702 spars.

I beveled the inboard and aft edges of the E-713s so that the elevator skins will have a smooth transition.

I machine countersunk the top flange of E-606PP and dimpled the bottom flange. I also dimpled for the rivets that attach E-705 to E-606PP.
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